About Me

I'm an Entrepreneur in Residence at Tenney 110, a PropTech-focused venture studio. My professional journey navigates the intersection of real estate and technology, with experiences spanning entrepreneurship, tech startups, and real estate investment management.

In the early days of my career, I ventured into entrepreneurship as a realtor in France, where I honed my skills in real estate and sales. Post my master's in finance at the International University of Monaco, I moved to the US to contribute to a private equity real estate firm. My immersion into the tech world came as I steered a PropTech company leveraging computer vision (AI) to enhance security at commercial real estate properties.

As a founder of three companies and former CEO of a real estate tech startup, I bring insights into institutional real estate investments, real estate sales, computer vision, and finance. Apart from speaking English and French and learning Spanish, I enjoy soccer, travel, fitness, and leveraging technology to uplift lives. My adventures include climbing Mount Fuji and running my first marathon in Peru. As part of the young leader’s group at the International Rescue Committee, I (try to) contribute towards humanitarian aid efforts.

My LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/donalwarde/