Taking Barkably to New Heights: Columbia's Virtual Accelerator Welcomes Us Onboard

Taking Barkably to New Heights: Columbia's Virtual Accelerator Welcomes Us Onboard

Entrepreneurship is a journey, full of constant evolution, daily surprises, and unending opportunities for learning and growth. With great excitement, I announce that our venture, Barkably, has been accepted into the prestigious Columbia Business School Alumni Virtual Accelerator (CAVA).

Supported by the Eugene M. Lang Entrepreneurship Center at Columbia Business School, CAVA is a unique, industry-agnostic program fostering the growth of early-stage startups founded by CBS alumni. Over the course of 10 weeks, we will join an energetic cohort of pioneering companies for a series of virtual meetings and workshops. These sessions will not only allow us to refine our strategies but also gain invaluable insights from seasoned mentors and subject matter experts within the CBS ecosystem. The opportunity to collaborate and share ideas with a diverse group of fellow entrepreneurs promises to expand our perspectives and strengthen our venture.

Born out of a desire to innovate within the intersection of real estate and technology, Barkably is an apartment marketplace that bridges the gap between multifamily property owners and dog-owning renters. Our acceptance into CAVA serves as both a validation of our concept and a springboard to elevate our startup to the next level.

Even with backing from the Tenney 110 startup venture studio, a division of American Family Insurance, why did we decide to seek the resources of an accelerator? The answer lies in the unique value proposition of the Columbia community. As a recent CBS alumnus, I know firsthand the wealth of resources and support available. Two of the many CAVA workshops, Digital Marketing Growth Hacks and How to Sell, are perfect examples of how the program provides accelerated learning experiences, further compounding the learning curve of operating a fast-paced, early-stage venture.

Our participation in CAVA provides Barkably with a more formal path to navigate the vast Columbia resources. It offers potential connections to a deep network of real estate alumni, including multifamily owners, operators, and property management companies – our ideal customers. In essence, our participation in CAVA allows us to access the CBS startup and real estate ecosystem more effectively, leveraging significant assets to enhance our competitive edge and traction.

The journey ahead is exciting, and this acceptance into CAVA is not merely an endorsement of Barkably's potential to disrupt the PropTech industry, but a reflection of the determination, strength, and ambition of our team. I am deeply grateful to everyone who has believed in our vision and joined us on this adventure.

As we set sail on this new chapter, I invite you to follow our journey and share in our triumphs and learning. Stay tuned for updates, and here's to the future!